Threat Identification

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Identifying System Threats

The threat identification process examines IT vulnerabilities and determines their capacity to compromise your system. It’s a key element of your organization’s risk management program. Identifying threats allows your organization to take preemptive actions. You receive the information you need to obstruct unauthorized users and prevent system breaches. At Ward IT Security Consulting Group, we provide the specialized knowledge and the experience necessary for effective threat identification.

We understand your organization’s risk profile.

Each IT system environment is unique. Some threats will in some ways be a part of a common set of threats to all organizations with public-facing web portals. Other vulnerabilities may be specific only to your organization. That’s why we work collaboratively with your staff and begin our evaluation with an in-depth understanding of your organization and operations.
  • Analyzing and understanding the particular threat portfolio specific to your organization and its operation.
  • Effectively prioritizing the evaluation of your system vulnerabilities.
  • Determining how those vulnerabilities may be exploited by a specific threat actor or actions.
  • Providing a report of findings with detailed information that allows your organization to implement preemptive risk management actions.

Why We’re Best In Class

A Ward IT Security Consulting, our experience allows us to understand the vast ocean of threat intelligence that exists and which is active at any given time on the internet and across private networks. We know that malware can be specifically crafted to exploit a specific system. We respond by tailoring threat identification to your organization.

Our Collaborative Approach

Collaboration is foundational to achieving the very best results in securing your organization. Our approach with IT staff, management and business process owners is inclusive and key to cooperation, consensus and collaboration. 

Effectively securing your organization is almost impossible without collaboration, cooperation, and consensus.