SCADA - Critical Infrastructure

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SCADA Infrastructure

SCADA industrial controls monitor our national infrastructure and other essential industrial, organizational, and enterprise systems. They provide real-time systems-monitoring and cost effective management of potential vulnerabilities and threats. SCADA is widely implemented in industrial, organizational, and enterprise systems. It monitors and protects the national power grid, industrial control systems, and a myriad of systems essential to public welfare. It has wide-ranging capabilities that contribute to the secure and stable operation of data centers, manufacturing facilities, transportation network and retail environments At Ward IT Security Consulting Group, our team can evaluate your control system infrastructure and its connected systems. We will provide a decisive, objective assessment of your industrial controls and system needs to guide your security and risk management efforts.

Enhancing Your Infrastructure Security

Ward IT Security Consulting Group professionals collaborate with your staff to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your infrastructure and its components. When our team completes our investigation, we provide an evaluation backed by objective evidence and references to relevant standards. The essential information we provide will assist you in establishing a remediation plan and determining your risk management options.

Why We're Best In Class

Our methodology focuses on identifying and analyzing critical infrastructure, control systems, and vulnerabilities in your industrial systems. We have a track record of experience and exceptional performance in evaluating industrial and commercial IT infrastructure security.

Our Collaborative Approach

Ward Consulting is a small group of dedicated American professionals. We are best-of-breed specialists who shun canned big-business solutions and value working as a team. Together, we developed a collaborative approach that includes your IT management and business process owners on our evaluation team. We believe information is critical to any IT assessment. That’s why we begin each evaluation by working to understand your business processes. Our team doesn’t perform audits that simply assign a pass/fail grade. Any IT system evaluation we perform includes a significant knowledge transfer from us to your organization. When we present our findings, we provide evidence and NIST references. If we uncover any threats, we rate them in a way that allows you to choose remediation alternatives based on critical need.