Risk Assessment

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Risk Assessment and Remediation

Understand the risks your organization is taking. Each and every day, we manage risk in the decisions we make.

Organizations are composed of people, information, IT systems, products and services, driven, often times, by competing objectives while aiming to create value. Decisions are taken in many ways and often not in the same manner nor for the same reasons.

The discipline of risk management empowers an organization to operate at a risk level allowing it to maximize its value creation. 

Identifying risks in your organizational structure

The risk determination process is a comprehensive analysis of your mission, goals, business requirements, IT systems, services, data and input from key resources.

Sampling of elements in a risk identification exercise:

  • Assessing the significance of an IT system
  • Examining the infrastructure
  • Documenting organization-owned and BYOD mobile devices
  • Identifying system data, functions and networks
  • Reviewing mission-critical applications
  • Evaluating physical and environmental controls
  • Identifying privileged access
  • Auditing access logs
  • Examining applications and system controls
  • Evaluating service providers as an extension to your organization.

All risk identification exercises are customized to meet your needs.

Risk Assessment

  • Define Risk Assessment Criteria and Scope
  • Assess Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risks
  • Define Risk Tolerance Levels
  • Prioritize Risks
  • Remediation Plan

Ward IT Security Consulting is dedicated to providing the expert assistance for your organization’s unique needs. Our risk assessments are based on NIST* and Regulatory standards.

Ward IT Security Consulting risk assessments have been successful due to our collaborative processes which strengthen organizational cultures. Our team works closely with your staff to understand your organization, how your IT system functions within your operation and any elements specific to your lien of business. During the entire evaluation process, we keep you apprised of our findings. If a threat or vulnerability is discovered, we assess the likelihood and significance of an impact on your system.

Our risk assessment presents objective conclusions backed by authoritative evidence as part of the prioritized risks with the recommended remediation mapped to the defined risk tolerance levels.

* National Institute of Standards and Technology

Security Risk Assessment Case Study


The Ward IT Security Consulting team recently conducted a major IT Security Risk Assessment Overview for Connecticut State Colleges and Universities. Our enterprise-wide assessment included an evaluation of 12 colleges and the Board of Regents’ IT system in Hartford, CT.


To conduct an authoritative evaluation, our team performed a range of critical tasks.


  • Evaluated infrastructure and mission-critical applications
  • Reviewed physical security and environmental controls
  • Identified missing or incompletely implemented controls
  • Prepared 300-page report on findings on 15 separate sections
  • Linked findings to appendices of objective verification evidence
  • Mapped details to specific NIST 800-53 controls to track remediation issues and vulnerabilities.
  • Presented evaluation updates with clients, clients’ staff and other support vendors


As with every IT security risk assessment, we concluded our Connecticut college evaluation with a “Report of Findings.” This comprehensive document outlines a client’s final risk-level threat of vulnerability and rates its potential impact. When we identified a vulnerability, we used a simple formula to rate its exploitation potential as low, medium or high based on existing controls. This rating method provides enough information for clients to establish a meaningful plan of action. They may choose to manage their IT risks with insurance, a private data center, cloud data migration or other solutions.


Our Collaborative Approach

Ward IT Security Consulting is a small group of dedicated American professionals. We are best-of-breed specialists who provide unique solutions to each client and value working as a team. Together, we developed a collaborative approach that includes your IT management and business process owners on our evaluation team. We believe information is critical to any IT assessment. That’s why we begin each evaluation by working to understand your business processes.

Our team doesn’t perform audits that simply assign a pass/fail grade. Any IT system evaluation we perform includes a significant knowledge transfer from us to your organization. When we present our findings, we provide evidence and NIST references. If we uncover any threats, we rate them in a way that allows you to choose remediation alternatives based on criticality to your enterprise.