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Continuous Monitoring and Remediation

Knowledge of critical IT security concerns can only empower your organization when they’re applied as the focus of a comprehensive remediation solution. When a security assessment reveals system vulnerabilities and threats, they require the application of defense-in-depth principles to guide cost-effective application, network, and supportive process upgrades.

Server Hardening

Given the complexity of a large organization’s technology and infrastructure, it’s virtually impossible to guarantee that all vulnerabilities are eliminated. We must acknowledge the reality of systems that are constantly changing by applying defense-in-depth strategies and by supporting specific tactics with overlapping layers of security. Server hardening is crucial to this process. It demands that each information system component is strong in and of itself. Components must also provide strength and compensating controls to associated systems. Server hardening is the principle of having the minimum number of ports and services open and running on a server or operating system. For every operating system that’s deployed in a virtual or a physical context, your organization must have a baseline level of security. Additional measures may be executed to further system tightening depending on the type of data you process and store. Server hardening is extremely important when managing security for legacy systems with earlier software, technology, and limited resources to support modifications and upgrades.

Application Hardening

Web applications are an invitation to unrestrained hacking activity. They often allow malware to gain backdoor access to your infrastructure and organization. Inherent application weaknesses inspire attackers to drill into your system to access customer databases. When your information has been compromised, your once-valuable asset can become a massive liability. Developers aren’t always trained to focus on security, consequently, the applications they create aren’t always secure. Security often takes a backseat to the need to develop a certain look, feel, or functionality. The drive to achieve effectiveness, efficiency, consistency, and stability may drive a developer to reuse standard modules or pull application elements from untrusted internet sources. The final product may look great, but it could very well incorporate modules with already known susceptibilities. To successfully implement an application hardening strategy, the Ward Group establishes a partnership with your developers. We complete a knowledge transfer that allows us to understand why they developed an application and how it supports your organization. Our goal is to give your organization confidence that your applications and your public-facing internet presence are secure and a beneficial.

Network Security Hardening

Without the in-depth understanding and associated confidence in your network your organization exists in a house of cards. While your system may hold up to stringent security standards, many crushing data breaches have occurred due to an absence of boundary protection for associated networks. When assessing your system’s vulnerabilities, it’s important to appraise and understand any weaknesses in your partner’s networks. You must understand any attack vectors that exist when you extend your connectivity via the internet, throughout your supply chain, and through your business partner networks. Ward Group’s network security specialists reinforce your security by examining your organization as well as the central position your data networks occupy in providing vital business communication links. Our team comprehensively and holistically understands the flow of data within and without your network and into the components that drive your digital infrastructure. We provide the expertise you need to evaluate the hardening of specific devices and components.

Why We’re Best In Class

We pride ourselves on our expertise in addressing the specific areas where a vulnerability and risk assessment have highlighted a particular concern for your organization. Our team doesn’t walk away and hope for the best. We determine your organization’s crisis management readiness with facilitated incident response exercises and breach investigation exercises.

It is our mission to reinforce your system weaknesses and transform your IT system from a house of cards into a secure environment that’s prepared to meet challenges and manage crisis situations.

Our Collaborative Approach

Collaboration is foundational to achieving the very best results in securing your organization. Our approach with IT staff, management and business process owners is inclusive and key to cooperation, consensus and collaboration. 

Effectively securing your organization is almost impossible without collaboration, cooperation, and consensus.