IRS Publication 1075

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IRS Publication 1075 Compliance

Without question the most challenging Federal regulatory environment for non-classified data is the IRS Federal Tax Information (FTI) set of security requirements as documented in IRS Publication 1075.  FTI is of enormous importance to State Agencies, Municipalities, Health Insurance Exchanges and other entities requiring accurate and timely income verification. Programs dependent on FTI are frequently some of the most mission critical for a given jurisdiction or organization

A Track Record of Excellence

The combination of an extremely challenging and evolving regulatory environment with a mission critical status represents a significant set of risks which must be effectively managed. Ward IT Security Consulting Group, over the past decade, has established itself as a preferred IRS Publication 1075 consultancy. Our experience and expertise cover the gamut of Publication 1075 activities including:

  • The preparation of detailed IRS Safeguard Security Reports (SSRs) and associated Corrective Action Plans (CAPs)
  • The evaluation of IRS technical security standards by applying IRS Safeguard Computer Security Evaluation Matrices to client infrastructure
  • The completion of IRS Internal Inspections Reports are facility assessments of physical security and administrative processes
  • The evaluation of governance structures and associated policy and procedure documentation against Publication 1075 requirements
  • Preparing for and managing IRS on-site audits

Why We’re Best In Class

Effectively meeting IRS requirements is one of the most challenging tasks in information security regulatory compliance. Our small team of professionals is dedicated to meeting this challenge. We pride ourselves in the many successful mission-critical FTI projects we’ve completed for our State Agency clients.

Our Collaborative Approach

Collaboration is foundational to achieving the very best results in securing your organization. Our approach with IT staff, management and business process owners is inclusive and key to cooperation, consensus and collaboration. 

Effectively securing your organization is our mission!