Digital Forensic Services

Evidence integrity is a critical concern for law enforcement institutions, public safety organizations, and civil authorities who rely on evidentiary outcomes. The digital forensic services you rely on must be unimpeachable. They must eliminate any questions as to the accuracy, completeness, and correctness of digital forensic evidence and report conclusions. Investigations must be performed in a framework of secure, clear chain of custody and they must follow digital forensics best practices.

We Ensure Evidence Integrity

At Ward IT Security Consulting Group, our principal consultants offer a track record of experience and professionalism. Our expertise has allowed us to build trust and establish confident working relationships with law enforcement institutions, public safety organizations, and civil authorities. Our team believes in a collaborative approach. We work cooperatively with client organizations to conduct comprehensive, focused digital forensic investigations. Our investigative process adheres to strict digital forensic practices. As trusted client partners, we represent our client’s interests and provide a complete spectrum of digital forensic services.

Why We're Best In Class

Digital forensics is a science that requires knowledge, experience and a dedication to quality. Our principal forensic analysts developed these critical skills over a combined 75 years of experience in the USA and internationally.

Our Collaborative Approach

Ward Consulting is a small group of dedicated American professionals. We are best-of-breed specialists who shun canned big-business solutions and value working as a team. Together, we developed a collaborative approach that includes your IT management and business process owners on our evaluation team. We believe information is critical to any IT assessment. That’s why we begin each evaluation by working to understand your business processes. Our team doesn’t perform audits that simply assign a pass/fail grade. Any IT system evaluation we perform includes a significant knowledge transfer from us to your organization. When we present our findings, we provide evidence and NIST references. If we uncover any threats, we rate them in a way that allows you to choose remediation alternatives based on critical need.