Breach Investigations

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Breach Investigations

Recovering From a Data Breach When your company suspects a data breach, it’s imperative to have an IT expert in place to initiate an immediate investigation. You must detect and evaluate system vulnerabilities and determine any causal connection to the breach. It’s also critical to identify the compromised data, stop the drain of sensitive information from your system, and take prudent steps to prevent future incidents. A single breach can impact your company as well as your upstream and downstream business partners. It can erode client confidence and diminish your company’s reputation. A breach may subject your business to government fines, penalties, and mandatory monitoring programs. If affected parties allege negligence in causing a breach or failing to prevent one, the defense and settlement costs of civil lawsuits could cause ongoing financial disruption. Managing a data breach requires focused attention at a time when it’s also important for you to reinforce your business relationships and implement damage control solutions. Ward IT Security Consulting Group can provide the IT support and security services you need while you dedicate your efforts to running your business.

Comprehensive Breach Investigations

When our experts Investigate a potential breach, we work collaboratively with your staff and offer our expertise as trusted partners. We document any system vulnerabilities, assess their role in causing your breach, and recommend immediate corrective actions. We conclude each breach investigation with a Report of Findings which references relevant NIST and other regulatory standards. Our report details evidence-based threats and offers remediation recommendations to guide your future IT security and risk management efforts.

Why We're Best In Class

In an area where experience and expertise are paramount, our team has a combined total of over 75 years of breach investigations experience in the United States and internationally. At Ward IT Security Consulting Group, we’ve developed a focused, efficiency-driven process that hones in on complex system issues. Our professionals have the confidence to recommend the critical solutions you need to resolve your system problems.

Our Collaborative Approach

Ward Consulting is a small group of dedicated American professionals. We are best-of-breed specialists who shun canned big-business solutions and value working as a team. Together, we developed a collaborative approach that includes your IT management and business process owners on our evaluation team. We believe information is critical to any IT assessment. That’s why we begin each evaluation by working to understand your business processes. Our team doesn’t perform audits that simply assign a pass/fail grade. Any IT system evaluation we perform includes a significant knowledge transfer from us to your organization. When we present our findings, we provide evidence and NIST references. If we uncover any threats, we rate them in a way that allows you to choose remediation alternatives based on critical need.