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Risk Assessment and Remediation

At Ward IT Security Consulting, we understand that IT systems present unique risk management challenges. When you collect and store information on a large scale, your system becomes an attractive target for infiltration. A data breach can severly damage client confidence and your reputation. You could incur staggering financial losses due to lawsuits, required monitoring programs, and government fines and penalties. Your IT systems require the same serious consideration and assessment as traditional risk management concerns.

Our IT Security Risk Assessment Overview identifies your system issues before they can cause irreversible damage. We use a collaborative, objective, fact-finding approach. Our team follows National Institute of Standards and Technology guidelines to evaluate your information systems and infrastructure.

We review your physical security, IT policies, and procedures. When we discover system vulnerabilities we verify them with evidence and artifacts. We report vulnerabilities with assigned threat levels that allow you to prioritize remediation solutions based on risk.

Why We’re Best in Class

The Ward IT Security Consulting Group team works collaboratively with your staff to gain a complete understanding of your business operations and IT system expectations. 

The Ward methodology ensures that all control capabilities are efficiently and objectively evaluated. Our closing assessment incorporates a database detailing the status of each individual control evaluated. We include the objective evidence utilized to verify the control capacities.

We provide our clients with the important compliance capability of being able to update and maintain their control status between independent assessments.

Our Collaborative Approach

Collaboration is foundational to achieving the very best results in securing your organization. Our approach with IT staff, management and business process owners is inclusive and key to cooperation, consensus and collaboration. 

Effectively securing your organization is almost impossible without collaboration, cooperation, and consensus.